About SteemAuto

Created by Steemians for Steemians, SteemAuto is a functional website application for Steemit.com, a website within the decentralized Steem Blockchain Protocol.
It is designed to enable registered users on Steemit.com to carry out those daily financially beneficial but boring and repetitive tasks… all on autopilot mode, leaving the user with more time each day to do other necessary and fun activities of their daily lives.

With SteemAuto, users get to…
• Maintain an active presence on Steemit.com, even when they are offline. This is possible as users can schedule pre-written posts and automatically post them whenever they want.
• Follow preferred curation trail(s) and upvote any post along with them them and put your Steemit currency earning ability completely on autopilot mode..
• Add your favorite Steemit authors/posters and automatically upvote their posts or reply promptly to their posts or comments.
• Have a stronger chance of getting bigger Steem rewards for posting comments earlier than other users.
• Claim your Steem rewards automatically and transfer them to your Steem wallet each time.

All of these and more without any unauthorized access to your account balance or actions on your Steemit account as every action is done using your Steemit account posting authority.
Since this authority can only be used to upvote posts, post articles, follow your favorite posters or comment on other posts without any access to your wallet balance, your Steemit funds are perfectly safe and secure… all the time.
Join SteemAuto today and enjoy the time-saving, cash-generating benefits of managing all your daily Steemit related tasks automatically from one place.

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